Every four years, the candidates change.  But the message remains the same: “Everything that is wrong with the world is the other guy’s fault. Vote for me, and I’ll make all things right.”

It’s never been true. And it’s not true this time around.

Elections are about blame and accusation.  Elections are about false hopes and empty promises. That’s why this election season, it’s time for a different kind of candidate and a very different kind of platform.

It’s not a campaign to accuse the bad guys, whoever you think “they” are. It’s a campaign that advocates for the accused and even the guilty.

This is not a conservative or liberal platform. This is the platform of the Sermon on the Mount.

It’s not a race to decide the next Caesar or the next president—it’s not an election with national implications. It’s an opportunity to proclaim the Lord over the world—an election with intergalactic implications.

This is bigger than a one-time vote. This is about voting with your life.

It’s not a candidate who gives false hope or makes empty promises. It’s a candidate whose very name is called “faithful and true.”

The world is calling you to the voting booth to make a decision for a candidate to run the country. We are calling you to the bread and wine at the table to make a decision as to Who will run your life.

We don’t care about your political party. We don’t care what side you come from.

Put away your swords and your sound bites.

Drop your rocks and even your nets.

Come to the table that is not just for the rich and powerful, but for the broken.

Come and receive the body of Christ broken for you,  the blood of Christ shed for you.

This is bigger than changing a country. This is about coming to see a world that has already been changed by resurrection.

This election season, it’s time to cast our vote for a different kind of candidate, a different kind of platform, a different way of life.

This election season, Jesus of Nazareth is our only candidate…and our only hope.

This election season, it’s time for you to proclaim Jesus as Lord.


P.S.: Four years ago, I did a series at Renovatus called “The Politics of Jesus.” It was not explicitly based on John Howard Yoder’s great book by the same title; it was a call during that election season to re-focus on the kingdom of God that transcends all our pale categories. I am more passionate about these ideas than ever, which is why on October 21st we are going for the jugular with a 3-week series on The Politics of Jesus where I’m holding nothing back–I think of it as a 2.0 version of what we did in 2008. I hope you can join us in Charlotte and Fort Mill.

For those of you who are pastors and leaders, I hope you will join Renovatus along with many other churches across America in celebrating Election Day Communion. I think this is the most simple, brilliant thing on the landscape of another volatile election–calling the Body of Christ together after all the votes are cast to make the declaration that matters most. You can find out more here.

If you want to help us spread the kingdom message across social media, please declare your hope in Jesus as Lord using #JesusisMyCandidate, and help get the word out on this table that is more determinative than a voting booth with #electiondaycommunion. Thanks so much!!!

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